Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Mehlville@Home created? 
Mehlville@Home was created to meet the diverse needs of our students and families and to continue to expand opportunities for personalized learning. The district was in the process of creating a virtual school prior to the pandemic, and COVID-19 accelerated our timeline. 
How will Mehlville@Home compare to on-campus school?
Mehlville@Home, similar to in-person school, offers an engaging student experience with embedded technology usage. The district curriculum will be the same for on-campus school and for Mehlville@Home, and students will take the same assessments as their on-campus peers. Students in Mehlville@Home will be graded the same as on-campus school peers. 

Will Mehlville@Home be offered after the pandemic is over? 
We are committed to providing a virtual option for students and to grow the program for those wanting to access it. Numbers may fluctuate after the pandemic, but we want to continue to provide students with educational platforms that will help them succeed.

How many hours per day of live instruction will be offered? 
Elementary students will have about 2-3 hours of live instruction each day. Middle and high school students receive about 4 hour of instruction per day. Additionally, students are expected to complete assignments outside of live instruction time.

Who will be teaching Mehlville@Home?
Mehlville School District teachers will be teaching in the Mehlville@Home program. Some classes at the middle and high school level are taught by educational partners, which could include Launch and Edgenuity.

Will Mehlville@Home provide for a flexible schedule? 
Elementary students will have a set schedule each day. Middle and high school students will receive a schedule based on their individual courses. Some courses offer more flexibility than others.

Will parents be provided access to curriculum and content guidelines/materials to augment learning? 
Yes. Access to curriculum can be found on the district’s website

What courses will be available through Mehlville@Home?
Elementary students will receive instruction in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and PE. Middle school students will receive English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE/Health and a choice of two electives. High school students will follow their pathway to meeting their credit requirements for graduation. Following Mehlville@Home enrollment, students in middle and high school will meet with a counselor to determine course placement. See Mehlville@Home course guides.

Will there be opportunities for students to receive one-on-one help from their teacher(s)?
Yes. Mehville@Home teachers will have dedicated virtual office hours.

How will the district ensure academic integrity in online courses?
Mehlville@Home students will be held to the same academic standards as their on-campus peers.

If we choose Mehlville@Home for the fall or the 2020/2021 school year, will that forfeit our child’s spot at MOSAIC Elementary or in the middle school academies? 
MOSAIC Elementary K-5 students who choose Mehlville@Home will have an opportunity to return to MOSAIC at semester breaks. 

Middle School Academy students who choose Mehlville@Home will have an opportunity to return to the Academy and on-campus learning at semester breaks.

Is Mehlville@Home on a family-by-family or student-by-student basis? 
Enrollment is on a student-by-student basis. 

Will STRETCH be available to Mehlville@Home students?
Elementary students may access STRETCH virtually. STRETCH is only available in person at the middle school level.

Will students attending Mehlville@Home be able to participate in extracurricular activities at their home school?
Yes, students can participate in activities at their home school. However, high school activities governed by Missouri High School Athletic Activities Association (MSHSAA) are subject to these rules. This is effective for the 2020-2021 school year only.

When will families need to make the decision to enroll in Mehlville@Home for the spring semester?
The deadline to apply for Mehlville@Home for the spring semester is Monday, Nov. 23, 2020.

Will incoming 8th graders still have the opportunity to take high school level courses?
Mehlville@Home eighth-grade students will have access to the following high-school level courses: Algebra 1, French, German and Spanish. 

Can high school students attending Mehlville@Home also participate in MyPath, STLCAPS and South Tech?
Yes, if it works in their schedule and students remain on track to graduate.

Will high school students who graduate in the virtual program still be considered graduates of their neighborhood school?
Yes, and graduating seniors may participate in their home school’s graduation ceremony. 

What accommodations will be made for students who receive any type of special service?
IEP teams will determine accommodations for each student. English language services will also be available through Mehlville@Home.

How will teachers communicate with parents on student progress on curriculum and assessments?
Mehlville@Home students will be assessed, and Mehlville@Home teachers will report student progress in the same manner as on-campus students.

Will virtual learners have access to meet with their school counselor on a one-to-one basis, either in-person or virtually? 

How does the district plan to support each child’s social-emotional learning in the virtual format?
Mehlville@Home students will have access to similar resources as on-campus students.

Can high school students still participate in the A+ tutoring program if enrolled in Mehlville@Home?
Mehlville@Home students can participate in the A+ program. A+ tutoring hours are the responsibility of the student. Learn more about the program at Mehlville High School or Oakville High School.

Will Mehlville@Home offer services beyond teaching, such as guidance and career counseling for seniors, prep for colleges, ACT planning, etc.? 
Mehlville@Home students will receive regular updates from their guidance counselors, just like they would on campus and can receive guidance and career counseling either virtually or on campus.

How does the district plan to gauge students’ progress and ensure students stay on-pace with on-campus learning?
Mehlville@Home is a personalized learning experience. The content of courses will be similar, but the pace may vary.

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