Frequently Asked Questions About Mehlville@Home

Frequently Asked Questions About Mehlville@Home
Posted on 07/02/2020
Mehlville At Home (Web)

The district is launching a new virtual school called Mehlville@Home that will be an option for families beginning in August 2020. Any student in grades K-12 can choose to enroll in Mehlville@Home on a semester-by-semester basis.

Why was Mehlville@Home created? 

Mehlville@Home was created to meet the diverse needs of our students and families and to continue to expand opportunities for personalized learning. The district was in the process of creating a virtual school prior to the pandemic, and COVID-19 accelerated our timeline. 

What will my student learn in Mehlville@Home? 

Students at the elementary school level will have access to English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies courses taught by a Mehlville School District certified teacher. Music, Physical Education and Art will either be taught by a Mehlville certified teacher or through a platform like Launch or Edgenuity. 

Students at the middle school or high school level will have access to English Language Arts and Social Studies courses taught by a Mehlville School District certified teacher. Science, Math, Career Education, Health, Physical Education, Art, Music and other courses will either be taught by a Mehlville certified teacher or through another platform like Launch of Edgenuity. 

How will Mehlville@Home compare to in-person school?

Mehlville@Home, similar to on-campus learning, offers an engaging student experience with embedded technology usage. The district curriculum will be the same for on-campus learning and for Mehlville@Home. Students will also be assessed and graded in the same manner as their on-campus peers.

Is this different than what was offered from March to May? 

Yes. Mehlville@Home teachers will provide a robust learning experience for their students. Teachers in the program are receiving regional and national training for best practices in teaching virtually. 

What does a typical Mehlville@Home day look like? 

Students will have a mix of live Google Meets for instruction and classroom discussion, as well as independent activities to complete. They will be engaged in learning the same as their peers on-campus.

Will Mehlville@Home be around after the pandemic is over? 

We are committed to providing a virtual option for students and to grow the program for those wanting to access it. Numbers may fluctuate after the pandemic, but we want to provide students with educational platforms that will help them succeed.

Where can I find more information about Mehlville@Home?

The district recently hosted a series of informational meetings for parents regarding Mehlville@Home. Those videos can be viewed in their entirety.

Questions were gathered during the meetings, and were used to develop Frequently Asked Questions document. That will be shared with more information about Mehlville@Home including instructions on how to enroll when we release our Return to School plan the week of July 20.

You can also follow our Mehlville@Home pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for continued updates.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours/day will the workload be?

Student workload at the K-5 level will be approximately 4-6 hours per day, while student workload at the 6-12 level will be approximately 5-7 hours per day. The amount of time spent working will vary by student.

Will teachers for Mehlville@Home be dedicated to the virtual program or will they be teaching in a physical classroom simultaneously?

At the elementary level, Mehlville@Home teachers will only teach virtual courses. Middle and high school teachers may have a mix of both on-campus and Mehlville@Home courses.

Will Mehlville@Home provide for a flexible schedule? 

There will be a mix of dedicated class time and independent work time. Schedules may vary depending on the course.

What programs are going to be used for Mehlville@Home (iReady, Edgenuity, etc.)? 

Mehlville@Home students will have access to the same content supports as on-campus students. We will transition to Canvas for overall management of courses.

Will parents be provided access to curriculum and content guidelines/materials to augment learning? 

Yes. Access to curriculum can be found on the district’s website

What will a typical day look like for my student?

Students will have a mix of dedicated class time and individual work. The typical day will vary depending on the course load.

Will encore classes like band, choir, P.E., art, etc. be offered?

Performing arts, FACS, PLTW and industrial technology courses will not be offered through Mehlville@Home this year. Middle school students enrolled in Mehlville@Home may take band, choir and orchestra on campus at their home school. Middle and high school students can explore these options with their home middle school counselor or principal.

Will AP/dual credit courses be offered for high school students?

No. Students can still earn college credit by taking a virtual course at a college or university.

Will there be opportunities for students to receive 1:1 help from their teacher(s)?

Yes. Mehville@Home teachers will have dedicated virtual office hours.

How will the district ensure academic integrity in online courses?

Mehlville@Home students will be held to the same academic standards as their on-campus peers.

If we choose Mehlville@Home for the fall or the 2020/2021 school year, will that forfeit our child’s spot at MOSAIC Elementary or in the Middle School Academies? 

MOSAIC Elementary students who choose Mehlville@Home will have an opportunity to return to MOSAIC at the end of the first semester or the end of the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

Current Middle School Academy students who choose Mehlville@Home will have an opportunity to return to on-campus learning at the end of first or second semester of the 2020-2021 school year. Returning Academy students will be placed in Academy courses before new applicants to the Academy.

Is Mehlville@Home on a family-by-family or student-by-student basis? 

Enrollment is on a student-by-student basis. 

If enrolled in Mehville@Home, will STRETCH students be able to attend as usual?

Yes.  Parents will have to transport students.

What will the transition look like if students decide to return to in-person learning after the first semester?

Students returning to on-campus schooling at semester will be assigned a classroom teacher and course schedule like other students.

Will students attending Mehlville@Home still be able to participate in extracurricular activities at their base school?

Activities governed by Missouri High School Athletic Activities Association (MSHSAA) are subject to those rules. At this time, K-8 Mehlville@Home students may not participate in school-based clubs and activities. 

If we initially send our child to school but begin to feel uncomfortable, can we switch to virtual learning at that time?

Mehlville@Home is a semester-long commitment. The 1st semester ends January 14, 2021. There will be a grace period for schedule changes within two weeks after the start of each semester.

How many students are we anticipating per teacher?

Caseloads will be similar to on-campus learning.

Is there the opportunity for some combination of virtual/in-person learning?


When will families need to make the decision to enroll in Mehlville@Home for the fall semester?

The deadline to apply for Mehlville@Home for the fall semester will be Friday, August 10, 2020, at 10 a.m. There will be a grace period for schedule changes within two weeks after the start of each semester. 

Will incoming 8th graders still have the opportunity to take high school level courses?

Mehlville@Home eighth-grade students will have access to the same or similar high school level courses as on-campus students. 

Can high school students attending Mehlville@Home also participate in MyPath, CAPS and South Tech?

Yes, if it works in their schedule and students remain on track to graduate.

Will high school students who graduate in the virtual program still be considered graduates of their neighborhood school?

Yes, for the class of 2021. 

How will attendance be tracked?

Attendance in a virtual setting is governed by DESE. The district will follow their guidelines.

What accommodations will be made for students who receive any type of special service?

IEP teams will determine accommodations for each student.

How will teachers communicate with parents on student progress on curriculum and assessments?

Mehlville@Home students will be assessed and Mehlville@Home teachers will report student progress in the same manner as on-campus students.

Will there be opportunities for students to interact socially with other Mehlville@Home students?

Mehlville@Home students will not have in-person contact with one another. Virtual interactions will vary by course.

Will elementary school students be provided a Chromebook like the older students?


Will virtual learners have access to meet with their school counselor on a one-to-one basis, either in-person or virtually? 


How does the district plan to support each child’s social-emotional learning in the virtual format?

Mehlville@Home students will have access to similar resources as on-campus students.

Can high school students still participate in the A+ tutoring program if enrolled in Mehlville@Home?

 A+ tutoring hours are the responsibility of the student.

Will Mehlville@Home offer services beyond teaching, such as guidance and career counseling for seniors, prep for colleges, ACT planning, etc.? 

Mehlville@Home students will have access to similar resources as on-campus students.

How does the district plan to gauge students progress and ensure students stay on-pace with on-campus learning?

Mehlville@Home is a personalized learning experience. The content of courses will be similar, but the pace may vary.

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